Trans-Amigos Express - Areas to Watch

Amigos staff in the TAE office are the liaison between participating libraries and the courier company. TAE staff and the courier company will work to troubleshoot problems and address libraries' concerns.

Items Lost in Transit
Please report lost items using the lost item form or via email at As a courtesy, please let us know if an item you reported as missing has been found.

Late and/or Absent Drivers
When a courier driver fails to make a scheduled stop at your institution or is repeatedly late, it is your responsibility to contact the TAE office. Please report service disruptions using the disruption of service form or via email at as soon as possible. The sooner we are aware of these situations, the sooner we can take corrective action on your behalf.

Mishandled Materials
Occasionally an item intended for TAE pickup is placed in an outgoing US Postal Service bin or another courier's box. Likewise, the courier occasionally finds non-TAE items in the TAE bin. Careful handling by library staff minimizes delays and speeds items on their way.

Mislabeled Materials
Delays are caused by having to reroute packages that were not correctly labeled. Please ensure packages are properly labeled and labels are clearly visible on the courier bags. See the Labeling Requirements web page ( for labeling instructions.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the TAE office at 800-843-8482 or