JSTOR Pilot EBA through June 30, 2021

The Books at JSTOR program's Evidence-Based Acquisition model was developed in collaboration with libraries and consortia to address common challenges of ebook acquisition.

EBA offers unlimited access to 54,000+ high-quality academic titles for a set annual fee, with an important added benefit: a portion of the fee is reserved for the library to acquire the most-used titles at the end of the period. EBA provides predictable costs, easy workflows, and outstanding value; in fact, our participating libraries’ cost per use through EBA averages less than $2.

And now, you can try out EBA through June 30, 2021 at a prorated cost, with a minimum of $1,500. This is a great opportunity to support faculty and students with remote access to high-quality academic ebooks, while testing out the model and evaluating data on your institution’s usage and costs.

What librarians are saying about EBA
Grinnell College began a Books at JSTOR EBA in January 2018 in a collaborative project with two other institutions in Iowa, Drake University and Luther College. It has proved to be a successful, popular, and cost-effective way for us to provide access to tens of thousands of high-quality academic monographs to our students, faculty, and staff. Our JSTOR ebook usage numbers have increased over 300% since we began in 2017. And, the annual fixed cost makes the JSTOR EBA one of the most cost-effective acquisition programs that we currently use.

The JSTOR ebook EBA has become a core resource for our institution--vital for student research and curriculum support.

For more information, please contact Laurence (zuercher@amigos.org) or your JSTOR rep.