Add a PLAY Touch Table in Your Library!

See how a library is using their new PLAY Touch Table. Lamb County Library has added a custom branded experience for their library patrons with a PLAY Touch Table.

"The PLAY table is great! We will now be advertising the table through newspaper ads. Also, we will be holding our annual summer reading program next month and that will bring in a large number of patrons. We're sure the table will be a big hit! Thank you for working with us to make this possible." --Selena Ramirez, Lamb County Library Clerk

A PLAY Touch Table offers a multi-player, multi-touch table for children and adults to play games and learn educational content. PLAY Touch Tables are also an easy way to share library brochures, pictures and library videos. The Tables can also be used without an internet connection. Each touch table can be customized with your library’s logo. Learn more on the flyer and

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