Collection Development Librarian -- Southwestern Assemblies of God University -- Waxahachie, TX


Collection Development Librarian
Level H-00
Salary Range: $1500 to $2300 bi-weekly

Institutional Mission
Southwestern Assemblies of God University exists to equip students spiritually, academically, professionally, and cross-culturally for their God-given careers and callings.

Position Overview
Manages all aspects of the library collection, including acquisitions, deselection, donation processing, communications, analytics and reporting. Performs library orientations, including tours, video tutorials, classroom sessions, and special events as needed.


  • To assist in any task designated by the Library Director
  • To communicate, orally and in writing, library information to students, faculty, and campus administration
  • To perform information literacy orientations
  • To regularly update and enhance faculty bibliography
  • To manage library/circulation desk as needed
  • To provide special projects for the student workers
  • To provide reports and statistics for Collection Development
  • To serve on library/university committee(s)
  • To provide figures/stats for accreditation interviews and reporting

Collection Management

  • Analyze SAGU program enrollment, and select library materials accordingly
  • Oversee materials acquisitions and collection development
  • Analyze holdings for currency and relevancy
  • Communicate with publishers/vendors to match purchasing with course descriptions, and to establish discounting
  • Communicate with publishers to build book and e-book packages
  • Analyze and fill gaps in the collection
  • Determine appropriate treatment for special collections
  • Deselect (weed) materials from collection, analyzing usefulness
  • Evaluate donated materials for possible use at an ongoing and timely pace
  • Communicate with professors, administrators, and students for collection recommendations
  • Consult faculty syllabi, recommended reading lists, and course descriptions for materials, authors, concepts, and methodologies
  • Oversee development of Faculty Bibliography
  • Create New Materials List, and collaborate with Library Director for mass communication
  • Interpret current budgetary needs; prioritize accordingly
  • Provide reports for expenditures, collection activity, and projections


  • Orientations: library and database, classroom sessions, tutorial, workshop, and graduate NSO
  • Scheduling of library orientations

Organizational Relationships
Reports directly to the Director of Library Services.


  • Faith, service, and lifestyle that meets University expectations (See IPM sections: "Statement of Core Values," "Doctrinal Statement," "Christian Standards," "Lifestyle Standard.")
  • Responsible for a broad range of academic library functions, primarily overseeing the procurement of library’s physical and digital resources,
  • Responsible for weeding of materials to sculpt the collection into a current, relevant, and useful assemblage.
  • Provides ongoing communication to faculty regarding new materials and teaching helps.
  • Performs instruction in library materials, access, research, and services.
  • Implements and delegates special projects, as assigned by the Library Director.
  • Master’s Degree in Library Science preferred

Contact: Human Resources at

Application Process: Applications are available at Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Your resume may be included when submitting the application to the Human Resources Office.

Fair Labor Standards Act
This position is exempt from overtime.

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