Trans-Amigos Express - Labeling Packages with Barcodes

Attach peel-and-stick barcode labels to all purple nylon bags you currently have in your supply. Once the bags are properly tagged with barcodes they may be used as always. You should affix barcode labels to any bags you find that do not have them. Specific bag tagging instructions appear below.

Tagging Bags Instructionsbarcode label placement image
  • Peel and stick a label to the outside, upper-most left-hand corner of the purple nylon bag window (see photo at right for reference). Please do not affix the barcode label anywhere other than where specified.
  • This barcode will be the only label on the outside of the bag window. All shipping labels will still go inside the bag window as usual.
  • Don’t worry about the barcode covering up the “Date Sent” or “From” location number and hub code. Sorters need only see the “To” location number and hub code. The middle, bottom, and right sides of the window are where this information usually appears on a standard Trans-Amigos Express/TExpress label.

Items not shipped in nylon bags will need to have barcodes attached to them for one-time use. Specific tagging instructions for non-bagged items appear below. However, to prevent a high frequency of disposal of the barcodes from one-time usage, Amigos urges you to make every effort to ship items in the tagged purple bags.

Tagging Packages Other Than Bags Instructionsbarcode label image
  • Peel and stick a barcode label in the “Date Sent” area of the standard TAE/TExpress shipping label (see photo at right for reference). Attach the barcode label to the shipping label only and nowhere else on the package.
  • Next, attach the shipping label to the package, taking care not to obscure the barcode.
  • If you choose to reuse the packaging, please retag the label with a new barcode.